Mobile affiliate marketing is vital for any affiliate who wants to make the best return on their work.

However, Mobile Affiliate Marketing is still underutilized by many promoters.

If you are one of them, then you’re missing a great source of traffic and income!

Mobile affiliate networks allow all people to earn money from home by promoting third-party services to get commissions.

So, I think it is time to include Mobile Affiliate Marketing in your strategy.

I know that it may be vague for you, but we are here to give you a hand to get into Mobile Affiliate Marketing world!


What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing?


Mobile Affiliate Marketing is a form of affiliate marketing where the promotional channel is mobile.

Affiliates are only paid when the customers make an action.

This action can be an app install, subscription to a service, lead form completion, or a sale.

Mobile Marketing Affiliate programs use the power of the mobile channel to reach out to prospects who:

  • Browse the internet.
  • Play games.
  • Use apps.
  • Socialize on their smartphones.

This way, you have a new traffic source that often equals or beats desktop-based marketing value.

How great?


What Are The Benefits of Mobile Affiliate Marketing?


1) There’s Plenty of Room to Maneuver:

Yes, Mobile affiliate marketing from your phone is highly competitive.

However, due to the market’s immense size and the fact that there are so many different niches and ways to target them, there is still a bit of wiggle room in the market.


2) The Market Is Continuously Growing:

As we’ve already said, mobile traffic growth is far better than the desktop.

Imagine, the smartphone market is worth 355 billion now!

All developed and developing world statistics show that the market will keep growing for many more years.


3) There Is an Immense Opportunity for Targeting:

Any marketer should know that targeted offers always work better.

Mobile affiliate marketers can benefit from advanced targeting opportunities based on location.


What Are The Challenges of Mobile Affiliate Marketing?


The benefits of Mobile Affiliate Marketing are pretty great.

But there are a few downsides.

Here are some of the difficulties of Mobile Affiliate Marketing:


1) Design Challenges:

Unhappily, there are still a lot of websites that are not well designed for mobiles.

Nothing hurts conversions more than an awful user experience (so, use UX for SEO)!

So ensure that your site is wholly responsive before trying any Mobile Affiliate Marketing.


2) Lack of Tools:

A lot of the best marketing tools are designed on desktops.

So in some cases, marketing tools won’t efficiently work for small screen use.

It cannot be delightful, mainly if you use a specific tool.

However, this is likely to change soon as the growth of the mobile market continues.


3) Mobiles Small Screen Can Negatively Affect Click-Through Rates:

Users can’t see as many search results or ads on their smartphones because of the mobile’s small screen.

This is why it’s essential to fully optimize your website and your offers for mobile and tablets.

For this reason, Ads that are lower down on the search list won’t get as many clicks on mobile.


8 Tips To Help You Benefit From Mobile Affiliate Marketing:


Do You Want to win the Mobile Affiliate Marketing game?

Here are 8 top tips on how you can do it:


1) Find a Large Traffic Source:

If you want to benefit from Mobile Affiliate Marketing, you need to manage a large amount of traffic or leads to an offer.

Only some of your audience will likely take up the offer, so the more people you can access, the better it would be.


2) Test With Several Offers:

Don’t be afraid to try out many offer tactics when you’re getting started.

affiliate marketing

You aim to find the right offer that works well for you and your audience.

Here is some good news, there are many offer types that you can choose from!

Here are some of the main ones:


  • Subscription :

People are encouraged to subscribe to any service.

This could be anything from drink and food deliveries to SaaS.


  • App Installs :

The affiliate gets paid when a new customer installs a promoted app.


  • Pay Per Call :

The affiliate gets paid when someone calls an advertised number.

In some cases, this will produce more, depending on the length of the market.


  • Pay Per Sale :

The affiliate is paid when someone purchases using a particular reference, usually a discount code.


  • Lead-Based :

This is usually paid upon the end of an online form.


3) Take Advantage of in-App Traffic:

In-app traffic is the most significant traffic source on mobile, so you should be willing to use this!

Since there’s more information about smartphone users than desktop users and location is the main one, you can target a specific audience.

This tactic works well when it is combined with geolocation.


4) Be Competitive:

Whatever your niche is, you’re likely to be up against the tough competition in the Mobile Affiliate Marketing world.


Therefore, it’s crucial to make your offers attractive, creative, and unique.


5) Leverage Social Media:

This one is crucial for your affiliate marketing success.

social media

You’ll need to do some research, choose your platforms correctly, and make your offers suit each one.


6) Join an Affiliate Network:

Regardless of what side of affiliate marketing you are on, you can get an advantage from dealing with an affiliate network provider.

They connect businesses up with willing affiliates.


Some taps on your smartphone are all it takes to start your affiliate marketing journey!

How simple?

Affiliate networks with big corporate clients and a good-sized pool of direct advertisers can be worthy.

So, influencers should take advantage of these network risks to save time and get better payouts.

There are other benefits influencers can get when using an affiliate network:

  • Access to optimization tools.
  • Less risk of not being paid.
  • Access to Analytics.
  • Access to offers in many countries.
  • Fast payouts.
  • More likely to get to hard-to-reach advertisers.
  • Access to a large pool of offers.


7) Create Amazing Visuals:

The key to affiliate marketing success is the ability to create professional-quality images.

mobile affilate marketing

Luckily, it’s easy to use your mobile to create and edit a fantastic image.


8) Analyze Data:

The data you will want to analyze will link to costs, conversions, clicks, and visits for Mobile Affiliate Marketing.

Use proper tracking tools and set your plans based on the information you have.

mobile affiliate marketing

Tracking tools are a great way to get an overall view of how well any strategy works at any specific time.

Moreover, they also give you the chance to quickly and easily know where you should focus your care and efforts.


So there you have it!

You know everything you need to get into Mobile Affiliate Marketing world.

So what are you waiting for?

mobile affiliate marketing

Go ahead! Start your first mobile affiliate campaign right now!

Moreover, our tips will help you succeed, it needs some time and effort, but as we know, nothing comes this easy!

For more questions, you can contact Ecomify Lead!





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