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Increase your leads, revenues, signups, sales, and everything that’s crucial to improve your brand — Just count on us.

We are a global network that combines advertisers with publishers in the most established way, by giving personalized support, account management, and the best offers.

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Reputation & Result

Our results precede our reputation and give what you deserve. We are known as one of the world’s leading digital performance-based advertising Group (CPA, CPL, CPS) and affiliate network, specialized in connecting high-quality premium advertisers with competent and reliable publishers. Our dedication to produce the standard for perfection and partnering with expert publishers enables us to stand out from others. We only deal with those who have a reputation that meets our own.
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Skyrocket your business and take it to a new level with our long years of expertise and knowledge in managing scalable client acquisition campaigns and robust proprietary advertising technology, allowing us to give the highest quality of leads on a steady and reliable basis.
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Our experienced staff guarantees that your campaigns will scale while remaining efficient, high in quality, and consistent in producing desired results. We engage with our customers across our extensive network of dependent publishers as well as our internal media buying team.


Our Goal Is to Deliver You Exceptional Results By Being the Best Affiliate Network Ever! 


Reach Thousands of customers when they are willing to buy from you!

We all love to see our customers win, and if that means longer hours and more work from us, so be it. With us, you can get the maximum out of your marketing budget as you scale up your customer acquisition.

We are experts in digital campaigns, and we are known by our advertisers as an industry leader, thanks to our commitment to performance, ROI, and quality.

We focus on using global client and user acquisition for our advertisers on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Install (CPI), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS), and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) pricing model.

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We like to refer to our associates as partners, which is why we refer to YOU as a partner as well.

Working with Ecomfy Lead grants you entry to a pool of premium advertisers and premium offers. We provide the highest standards for reliability and speed of payments for our publishers while providing top-notch personalized support and account management. We strive to negotiate the best deals with our premium advertisers, so our publishers continue to be profitable and scale to new levels. Turn a significant part of your workload over to automation and watch the money roll into your account.

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We are dedicated to providing superior results to our advertisers and obtaining the best offers for our affiliates.

What is So Unique About Ecomfy Lead?

As one of the world’s Top Affiliate Networks, our methods are to assist you in reaching, engaging, and converting leads at an affordable cost. We believe that Epic Performance requires Epic Advertisement.

We are obsessed with having such high-performance results that can be scaled and repeated on a consistently reliable basis.

We have a strong commitment to continuously test, analyze, improve, and optimize our campaigns to maximize your impact, profits, and results.

We are driven by technology, our desire to stay ahead of the curve and set industry standards.

Since we have everything under one roof, our unique efficiency grants us an extraordinary advantage in producing compatible outcomes for our partners with our in-house content creation team, graphics design studio, and internal media buyers. 

 Epic Experience + Epic Connections + Epic Stories = Epic Performance + Outstanding Results

Global Network

Because Ecomfy Lead emphasizes working in such a global environment, this allows us

access to the best offers with international advertisers, ensuring the highest quality of traffic for our premium publishers. So, rest assured, your campaigns are in the hands of true experts. 

Surely, if you are not working with Ecomfy Lead, your performance-driven results are missing out. 




Our time lives and breathes for internet marketing. We are highly passionate and motivated individuals with more than 25+ years of combined experience and knowledge in the affiliate marketing industry. Our team is available at your disposal 24/7 and we fully intend to create the best solution for you to obtain results beyond your wildest expectations. 

Relationship Building

We believe in quality over quantity always. Building strong long-lasting relationships with our publisher partners and advertisers is of the uppermost importance at Ecomfy. Aligning our goals and desires with yours is to ensure that our relationships last a lifetime. 

Compliance, Security and Privacy

We take all matters of privacy, security, and compliance very seriously. We work very closely in compliance with the law, in order to protect our customers, advertisers, employees, and the Ecomfy reputation. 

fast, safe, and reliable payments

We understand the importance of getting paid frequently and more importantly on time. Our accounting team is dedicated to setting up a structurally reliable payment plan so that you can run traffic consistently. We are primarily focused on setting new industry standards with safe, fast, reliable payments, and fraud protection.
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About Ecomfy

Our Team

You only need two hands to begin clapping, but to celebrate, you’ll need much more. 

Carwin Martinez

Founder and CEO

Santiago Merino


Luis Cabrera


Jeanfrey Martinez

Internal Traffic Manager

Aleta Lyons

Affiliate Manager

Miguel Chavez

Business Developer

Ruben Coello

Creative Director

Samuel Castillo

Content Creator

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