Affiliate Marketing Types are a great way to earn a profit!

Whether you’re looking to supplement your current income or become a boss. Then you can make a regular income from sending traffic to affiliate offers every month.

There are many ways to create and send traffic, making the field of affiliate marketing very diverse.

Affiliates can be SEO experts, pay per click advertisers, website publishers, or bloggers.

Before you start making money, you need to know what Affiliate Marketing Types are and which one fits!


There are three central Affiliate Marketing Types:
  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing.
  • Related Affiliate Marketing.
  • Involved Affiliate Marketing.

We are here to explain each one of them, so you can decide what to use!


Affiliate Marketing Types 1: Unattached Affiliate Marketing:

affiliate marketing types

This type is your basic pay-per-click affiliate marketing campaigns.

In this one of Affiliate Marketing Types, you need no authority and no presence in the niche of the product you are promoting.

There won’t be any connection between you and the final customer.

All you do is putting an affiliate link in front of someone via Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc., hoping that they’ll click on your link, buy your product, and get a commission.

This one of the Affiliate Marketing Types is so attractive to many because they don’t need presence or authority!

It takes a fair amount of time to build up trust and reputation with specific groups of people online, and many people are scared to commit to working on a blog or website, or they may not have time.

For many others, this is their only option!

It’s an income-generating model.

But is it a business model where you can build rapport with the end-user?

The answer is No!

You are a behind-the-scenes middle man.

With this type, you need to focus more on the potential income than the customers you’re working with.

But, if you dabble in PPC affiliate marketing and work for you in a way that you’re inspiring trust in your audience, I applaud you and wish you continue to succeed.

It’s more complicated than it looks, so we appreciate those who find success with it.

You can also take advantage of some tools, like HubSpot, Buffer, Google Analytics, Biteplay, etc.


Affiliate Marketing Types 2: Related Affiliate Marketing:


Another one of the Affiliate Marketing Types is what we call Related Affiliate Marketing.

This is where you have some presence online, whether it’s through a podcast, a blog, on social media, or videos.

And you also have affiliate links to products related to your niche, but they’re for products you don’t use.

You see many affiliate advertisements for things like Everbank, ING, LendingClub, and various other financial institutions on many personal finance blogs.

Do you think that each one who places one of those links on their blog uses those services and products?

And that’s okay!

Placing affiliate links on your site related to your niche is a common strategy to get more money.

Whether it’s a text link at the bottom of your blog post or in the sidebar in banner form, because you have a website and some influence, people trust you .

How can you genuinely say that you support a product if you don’t know everything about it?

If you are not promoting the right products, even if you know the owner or think it may fit, the risk of losing the trust you have built with your audience is significant.

It takes hard work to establish authority and trust, and one bad affiliate offer could ruin everything.

So be sure you trust the product you’re promoting and the team behind the work to take care of your people.


Affiliate Marketing Types 3: Involved Affiliate Marketing:


 Involved affiliate marketing is when you use a service or a product that you genuinely believe in and personally advise your audience.

You recommend it in your content as a part of your life and strategy for whatever it is you’re talking about, not in a banner ad or somewhere that says “recommended resources.

The product will become something people “want to have” because it’s part of the method.

It’s your experience with the product that makes that offer attractive.

However, You need to have a level of responsibility while making these sorts of recommendations, especially if you have a lot of authority.

This is something you should take seriously!

It is the complete opposite of PPC, where the customer does not even see you for the transaction.

Instead, this is you talking to those who may need a product that you’re offering, who have their ears and eyes on you.

It is not using your money to make money, like PPC.

It’s using your reputation, trust, and authority to get others to take your advice, use it and pay you something in return as a commission.

These types of affiliate relationships are constructed on trust and authenticity.

The same applies to how we should build relationships with our audiences.

Now, you can decide which kind of affiliate marketing works best for you: Unattached, Related, or Involved.

But, let’s face it, using authority and presence in a niche to promote products you’ve used and took benefit from is the best way to take.

Focus on trust and authenticity, on serve first, not income.

Also, focus on what is best for your audience.

Be as involved as you can with the affiliate marketing process, and you’ll see success with your affiliate income.

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