Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads is an interesting topic, isn’t it?

Facebook is such a great platform we use to communicate with our families, friends, and colleagues.

No, it’s not just about this; Facebook became very popular in affiliate marketing.


Yes, Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads!

Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads can ultimately boost your business when you combine them with your Affiliate Marketing strategies.

When doing all things right, Affiliate marketing Facebook Ads can be very profitable!

So, before starting your Affiliate Marketing Facebook ads, there are few things you need to do!

We are here to give you these things, so you get the best of your Affiliate Marketing Facebook ads 2021.


1) Create Your Landing Pages:

landing page

When you send people directly to your affiliate link, you may get your ad account shut down long-term.

Instead of facing this, you can send them to your landing page.

It can be a simple page where you pre-sell things you’re promoting, whether it’s the sales page or a piece of pre-launch content, and ask them to click through to download it.

Or you can also use this as a chance to grow your list by making people subscribers to your list, and after this, you can send them to your content or offers you are promoting.

Ensure that all your landing pages are compliant with Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads guidelines.


2) Start Hyper-Focused, And Then Expand:


Whether you’re doing Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads or any other advertising, start targeting hyper-focused, then expand.

You also pay attention to the time you are raising your Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads campaigns.

Test which time you get the best conversions and keep using it for your Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads.

Moreover, never forget that when you are just starting Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads, you have to target the perfect potential people, so always start hyper-focused.


3) Know How Much Time You Have:


It would help if you were clear on how much time you have to run your Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads because that will affect your strategy.

You shouldn’t use a strategy that only works in the long term if you have 48-72 hours left in the promotion.

Conversely, you do not want to run many Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads in few days if you can run them over a few weeks.


4) Make Your Picture Relevant And Interesting:

affiliate marketing facebook ads

This one is significant in Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads!

If you’re promoting an offer related to health, have a picture related to health!

Easy right?


5) Tell People What You Want Them to Do:

affiliate marketing facebook ads

Never overrate people’s ability to read between the lines and know what to do.

If you don’t tell people clearly what you want them to do, you may miss some subscribers, likes, sales, and commissions.

So yes, tell them clearly what you want them to do!

Please don’t leave things to chance!

Be very specific when you tell people what you want them to do because if you don’t, you may lose even interested people.


6) Start With CPM Bidding:

CPM bidding is the cost per thousand impressions.

When you start, focus on your CPM, and when you get refined, you can switch to CPC (cost per click).

Try to always start with CPM and then convert to CPC if it makes sense.


7) Never Forget to Set a Limited Budget:


Make sure you set a budget for your campaign so you don’t get surprised.

Whether it is a lifetime budget for a week of Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads or a daily amount, make sure to set limits.

Golden Rule: Only spend what you are prepared to lose.

In short, when you’re running Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads, only spend the amount of money that you are ready to have no return on.


8) Test, Test, And Keep Testing Forever:

Facebook Ads Affiliate Marketing 2021

This is probably the most important tip for Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads.

Test everything all the time!

Always keep testing.

I am not saying don’t ever run any Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads until you have 30 different variations.

Start with 2 and 5 images or 2 or 3 headlines, or calls to action and start testing.


Here are the things you should test:
  • Images
  • Audiences
  • Text
  • Headlines
  • Calls to Action
  • Anything else you can think of.

The goal of this testing is discovering if this ad works better than this other ad?

The great thing about testing is that you can get data within a day to make your decisions.

The key to success with Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads is testing early and often.

Test, test, and keep testing forever!

Now you have all the things you need to know before running your Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads for your next affiliate promotion.

Always make sure to employ these tips before starting Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads.

These tips will always give you a hand in creating successful Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads 2021 if you did them all right.

Make setting goals your first step, identify your time and budget limits, and go ahead but never stop testing and evaluating your Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads performance.

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